From a Michelin starred chef wanting to make a modern impression, to motorway service station cafes needing an efficient way of serving hot drinks, TEAPY T-4-1 provides a great customer experience, for tea or other infusions, whether in tagged or untagged bags or loose leaf in our infuser, for table service, counter service or self-service.

Tea is best brewed under a lid to keep the steeping water hot. Cafés, restaurants and hotels, indeed all hospitality locations providing a tea service, benefit from approximately 40% labour saving and 70% shelf space saving compared to teapot service. There are fewer pieces to prep, serve, clear, dishwash, and store. Sets range from the virtually unbreakable to bone china.

Staff serving tea, and customers, appreciate the safer carry of the TEAPY  T-4-1 complete tea service, which is held and carried in one hand or enables more items a tray. It is perfect in any hospitality setting, providing the best possible drink from the tea or other infusion provided.

Proven from 2016 in hospitality locations, no tea service provider that has adopted or converted to TEAPY T-4-1 has reverted to teapot, open mug or other method of serving tea.

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