Tableware Companies

Include TEAPY T-4-1 complete tea sets in your teaware ranges as an attractive option to teapots and open mugs.

TEAPY T-4-1 sets include a TEAPY® combined mug lid and used tea bag or infuser tidy, a mug, a teaspoon, a milk jug and infuser (optional).

TEAPY T-4-1 benefits all your target markets, for example approximately 40% labour saving and 70% counter or shelf space saving compared to teapot service. Safety of carry of the TEAPY T-4-1 complete tea set, whether held in one hand or enabling more on a tray, is paramount.

TEAPY Ltd patented products can be made by you under licence, with your own 3D and decorative designs or adopting TEAPY Ltd designs, and decorating as you wish.