Tea Brands

Tea brands benefit from TEAPY T-4-1 by online teaware sales and winning tea supply contracts.

TEAPY T-4-1 makes the most of any tea or other infusion and is the most efficient tea-making equipment, for tagged or untagged teabags or loose leaf tea in its stainless steel infuser. It enables approximately 40% labour saving and up to 70% shelf space saving compared to teapot service.

TEAPY T-4-1 provides an intense tea aroma or “aroma burst” upon lifting the TEAPY lid, which cannot be provided with a teapot or the slow dissemination from an open mug. This enhances tea enjoyment in all hospitality, catering, home or office settings.

Being carried to wherever the tea is consumed, TEAPY T-4-1 puts the tea drinker in control of brewing the tea in ideal steeping conditions, to their liking, unlike conventional teapot or open mug service. Milk or other tasting products can then be added according to personal preference.

Find out how TEAPY T-4-1 can help your sales of tea and other infusions.