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related to no less than 3 independent inventions, all of which claim an assembly (TEAPY T-4-1 set) with specific features including:

*a (TEAPY®) lid with a perimeter recess (“docking recess”) that “docks” snugly around a mug base after inversion (flipping), creating a drip-free used tea bag or infuser “transfer width”, also uniquely retaining a teaspoon within the mug when the TEAPY lid is located on the mug and, optionally, a tagged tea bag string which may be raised and lowered within the docking recess to accelerate the brewing of the tea or other infusion.
EP 3 166 448 registered in the UK, France and Germany
US 10,932, 476

*a “top recess” which retains a “tasting vessel” (typically a milk jug) on the lid, enabling the complete service assembly (TEAPY® T-4-1™ set) to be held and carried securely in one hand.
GB 2 577 012

* an “upstand” on top of the TEAPY® lid which enables the TEAPY® lid, following inversion, to be replaced securely onto the mug without re-flipping, for example to keep a drink warm, to act as a “bug barrier” outdoors, or for return of the complete TEAPY® T-4-1™ set to a kitchen.
EP 4 178 398

Copies of these patent documents can be supplied on request to those seeking the full disclosures and claim wording of these inventions.

  • The TEAPY® lid acts as a temporary lid to your mug or cup of hot water, keeping the water hotter for longer, providing the brewing conditions of a teapot but with many advantages over both teapot and open mug service, with either a tea bag or loose leaf infuser.
  • After insertion of the tea bag, a “docking recess” first retains a teaspoon and it prevents the tag (paper handle) of a tea bag slipping into the hot water, while allowing you to agitate the tea bag to accelerate the infusion of your tea to the desired strength.
  • The TEAPY® lid is then flipped over and “docked” snugly against the drinking vessel, to be used as a receptacle for your used, dripping tea bag or infuser, preventing drips onto the table or table cloth.
  • On lifting the TEAPY® lid, the retained essential aromatic oils are released to provide an “aroma burst”, unique to TEAPY® T-4-1™
  • The TEAPY® lid has a top recess which can retain a milk jug or other “tasting product” for example a small jar for honey.
  • The tea bag or infuser can be returned to the mug for a second serving.
  • After tea bag disposal, an upstand on the TEAPY® lid enables the lid to be returned as a lid, to keep your tea warm, to act as a bug barrier or return the TEAPY® T-4-1™ set to the kitchen without re-flipping.
  • Testing and experience has shown that a TEAPY® assembly with hot tea brewing in a mug is much easier and safer to carry, avoiding spillages and accommodating more servings on a tray than conventional teapot, open mug or cup and saucer service.

A complete tea service held in one hand

  • Less pieces
  • Faster prep
  • Faster clear
  • Safer carry (servers love TEAPY T-4-1)
  • Small “footprint” saves storage, prep, tray and table space

Further Benefits of the TEAPY® lid

Many additional benefits have been identified by customers, including:

  • TEAPY® is ideal for microwaving in place of cling film, to prevent spattering.
  • Outdoors, it provides a “bug barrier” and keeps drinks warm.
  • As a lid, it makes any beverage easier to carry without spilling.

The infusion solution™

TEAPY® T-4-1™ table service, counter service or self-service is perfect for the customer and economic for the hospitality or catering company.

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Open mug or cup service

Open mug or cup service

If serving a mug or cup with hot water and a tea bag, the liquid is open to the atmosphere and quickly cools. The cooling is accelerated by the movement of air over the surface of the liquid caused by walking to a table.

The tea bag tag often slips into the hot water, which potentially scalds retrieving fingers. There is typically no satisfactory way to dispose of the wet, used tea bag.

Tea brands typically recommend steeping times of 3-5 minutes. If a customer is expected to brew the tea or other infusion at a service point and then dispose of the used tea bag, this is at best inconvenient, especially for any other customers waiting at the same service point. With TEAPY® T-4-1™ the infusion takes place at a table or other point of consumption, where the customer is able to let the tea or other infusion brew to their liking, and then add milk, sugar, lemon, honey or other tasting product.

Teapot Service

Teapot service

Traditional teapot service has several disadvantages, apart from the number of items of tableware involved.

Many teapots drip when pouring, embarrassing the customer and costly in cleaning.

Tea in a teapot is gradually changing from too weak to too strong. It can only be a customer’s preferred strength for a short period of time. Furthermore, the customer cannot tell how strong the tea is with an opaque teapot without pouring. Lifting the lid does little to help, as it is dark inside the teapot and a deeper depth of tea looks darker than in a cup. A first cup of tea that is too weak and a second cup that is too strong is the almost inevitable outcome. If hot water is added, the second cup is typically too weak. Tea in teapots for two or more people is even less likely to be right for each customer.

The operator has to purchase, store and wash-up tea pots, tea pot lids and often other tea accessories, which are vulnerable to breakages.