The award-winning TEAPY® tea-making invention has an additional, revolutionary format for individual tea service, for coffee shops, cafés, canteens, etc, called  TEAPY® T-4-1™.  It  dramatically reduces operator costs, as well as increasing customer satisfaction.

Instead of a typical seven piece tea service (teapot, teapot lid, cup, saucer, teaspoon and milk jug, all on a tray), the TEAPY® T-4-1™ only has four pieces including a mug, teaspoon and a milk jug retained on the TEAPY®, all four pieces held in one hand with the “footprint” of a single mug.

TEAPY® T-4-1™ also contrasts with current methods of serving tea by its quicker prep, safer carry and speedier table clearance, for table service, counter service or self-service.

TEAPY® is a combined mug lid and tea bag tidy which can be used with a tagged tea bag, untagged tea bag or loose tea in an infuser.  The mug with TEAPY® as a lid provides the ideal brewing conditions of a teapot but without the fuss.  Whereas the strength of tea in a teapot is not visible, changing from too weak to too strong, transparant TEAPY® enables brewing to the individual customer’s desired strength.

A special recess can contain a teaspoon and a tea bag string and, when TEAPY® is “flipped” to act as a tea bag tidy, the special recess fits snugly around the mug for transfer of the used tea bag or loose tea infuser with no mess. In additon, TEAPY® provides a unique “aroma burst” when lifting the lid, not expereinced with a teapot or open mug.

The TEAPY® mug and teaspoon combination have been used for over a year by Mosaic Hospitality Ltd at Bramall Hall, Stockport, and have taken it to the centre of tableware, the Spode site, Stoke, where bone china was invented.  Kim Miller, manager at Bramall Hall and Spode explained, “The customers and servers at Bramall Hall love TEAPY®, which made our decision to also use it at Spode an easy one.  We are looking forward to the added benefits of TEAPY® T-4-1™.”