TEAPY® Tea King™ Infuser with fruit infusion

When entrepreneur and tea enthusiast Lawrence Turner was looking to open an artisanal café in Bramhall, South Manchester, he wanted to create a warm and welcoming environment which specialised in offering an excellent range of teas and coffees with fantastic service.

MarJoe’s Café offers hot drinks and meals with a full range of teas and other drinks.  On a busy high street Lawrence has managed the almost impossible, creating a good value, independent café with several distinguishing features.

A key consideration for Lawrence was how to make the everyday special and make the most of space in a crowded local venue. Part of this was to install a tea wall, with a variety of glass jars showcasing the range of teas on offer.  Another way to create impact was to move from teapots to using the TEAPY® T-4-1™, tea service, held in one hand.

TEAPY® T-4-1™ turns an ordinary cup of tea into a visual treat, especially for herbal and fruit infusions, as the customer can see the tea brewing.   As we all know, food is consumed by the eyes as well as the mouth, and there is something delicious about watching your infusion intensify in a glass mug. For black tea, bone china mugs are used to maintain the tradition of drinking tea out of china.

Initially Lawrence wondered if customers would resist the move from teapots to T-4-1™, but they have loved it, seeing it as innovative and sophisticated, with many asking to buy sets to use at home. For Lawrence there are a range of additional benefits in using TEAPY® T-4-1™.

In a busy kitchen and café, the neat assembly of T-4-1™, with TEAPY® lid, mug, infuser, milk jug and spoon, all combined to be held in one hand, makes for ease and speed of service. On crowded tables less space is taken up, which has many benefits not least in a venue where customers may come to eat and drink and catch up on emails!

Previously where a teapot was used, there was often wastage of loose-leaf tea, now a refill of boiling water is offered and less tea goes to waste, great news for the bottom line and the environment,

Lawrence says, ‘Offering the T-4-1™, gives us a point of difference. It adds a level of value and sophistication to tea service, creates less mess and more space, and reduces our wastage. It’s a winning solution all round.’